Sell Omnichannel -

Website, Offline store, WhatsApp. Boost your business 3X at the same inventory

Sell to your customers in your locality and across India

Shared Inventory Management

Shared inventory management between your physical store and online website to use the the same inventory across channels.

Benefits to business

Launch online business with no upfront costs, No need for website developers, graphic designers, marketing team

  • Sell to customers across India

    Extend your reach to customers across India. Use the same inventory to sell to customers in your locality and across India

  • Reduce inventory turn over time

    Higher inventory turnover and increased profitability by having access to wider customer base.

  • Sell 2X at same cost of capital

    Sell 2X without additional inventory holding cost or any other upfront capital cost.

  • Orders from all the channels at one place

    Be more efficient and use the same team to manage orders from online and offline.

  • Build loyal customers and serve them 24/7

    Build and maintain customer loyalty with round-the-clock service and support.Serve them across channel.

  • Make use of your customer database to market them

    Use your existing customer database to increase sales by communicating new products and promotions

  • Build your business a brand

    From a local retail store to build your presence across India.

  • Manage your distributors and customers at one place

    Manage your suppliers and customer at one place and become more productive. 

  • No need of website developers, graphic designers, marketing team

    Launch your online presence with no upfront website development expenses. 

  • Rotate funds faster and increase profitability

    For a retailer the fund rotation is crucial. Sell to wider customer base and rotate funds faster.