Everything a distributor needs to manage all the channels in one place

Omni channel platform designed for Indian distributors to sell, manage, and scale faster

Manage your Retailers

  • Retailer App

    Boost your sales 2X with 24/7 access to offers, pricing, inventory, new products, demos, payments, and orders for retailers. No more delays because your sales team is busy.

  • Inventory Sharing

    Share your live inventory directly with your retailers so they don’t miss the sale even if they don't have the product in stock.

  • Centralised Inventory Management Across Branches

    Reduce your inventory holding costs by 40% by efficiently using and managing all your inventory at one place.

  • Retailer CRM of all the channels

    All your retailers from all channels at one place with their entire history of sales, purchases, returns, promotions, queries, credit limits.

  • Centralised Order Processing Across Branches

    Cut accounting and order processing costs by 30% through centralised order management across branches with real-time inventory, using a centralised team.

  • Sales Team App

    Access of due payments, real-time inventory, live order status, current pricing and offers, order placement, and retailer relationships all through a single mobile device.

  • GST E-Invoicing and E-Way Bills

    Directly generate the E-invoice and E-way Bills.

  • Sales Team Performance Tracker

    Gain insight into your sales team's performance, distinguishing top performers from underachievers. Know whom to motivate and reward across all branches and regions.

  • Free your sales team from mundane tasks

    Let sales team focus on introducing new products, convincing retailers who are not buying them, and identifying new retailers instead of spending time on taking orders.

  • 30+ Reports for Comprehensive Business Analysis

    Access over 30 reports to evaluate your business, retailers, and channels from various angles.

  • Experiment with New Products and Brands Cost-Effectively

    Import only few units, make them accessible to your retailers, check the interest from the market, measure the potential and then only go aggressive.

  • All teams working at one place

    Brand managers, sales teams, account teams, warehouse teams, online teams and marketplace teams.

Bulk Operations

Easy to onboard and manage in BULK

  • Sync product information from Amazon directly using ASINs

    This can save you hours of time and effort, especially if you have a large number of products.

  • Bulk product

    Create, edit, and manage your products in bulk. This can be helpful when adding new products into your catalog or updating existing products.

  • Bulk
    pricing update

    Update your product prices in bulk. This can be helpful when running promotions or adjusting prices to stay competitive.

  • Bulk
    customer import

    Import your customers into your store in bulk. This can be helpful when migrating from another platform or adding new customers to your database.

  • Bulk category

    Create, edit, and manage your product categories in bulk. This can help you to keep your store organised and easy to navigate for customers.

  • Bulk
    inventory management

    Track and manage your inventory levels in bulk. This can help you avoid stockouts and ensure that you always have enough products in stock to meet customer demand.

  • Bulk product
    collection management

    Create, edit, and manage your product collections in bulk. This can help you to group similar products together and make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

  • Bulk contact
    list management

    Create, edit, and manage your contact lists in bulk. This can help you to segment your customers and send targeted marketing messages.

  • Bulk deals and
    discounts management

    Create, edit, and manage your deals and discounts in bulk. This can save your time and efforts while running promotions.